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  • Reynaers Aluminum

    Reynaers Aluminumâ„¢

    Custom Glazing Solutions for the World's Finest Homes.

    With a world class testing and design center and many years of industry experience, Reynaers is proud to be pushing the boundaries of product quality and performance. All their products are tested to meet and often exceed the North American, British and European standards for security, durability and noise reduction and have been installed in some of the most exposed locations.

    Whether you are designing and building your own house, adding a new extension to your current home or replacing the tired old French doors with a stunning new set of bi-fold doors, choosing the right doors and windows can make the difference between the ordinary and the spectacular.

    Installing Reynaers products in you home is a lifestyle statement that will not go unnoticed. When only the best is good enough, Reynaers is the only choice. Design Synthesis is proud to design and tailor the perfect Reynaers product for your project.

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